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FBUC Figure-8 Track Pedal Car Racing: Maker Faire 2013

Video by clicktriangle

FIGURE-8 Track Pedal Car Racing at Maker Faire 2013!

The crew is getting ready to take the Death Defying Figure Eight Pedal Car Races back to the Bay Area Maker Faire 2013. The rules for participation:

  1. Vehicle must be a pedal powered, single seater
  2. Riding on no less than 4 wheels
  3. Must have good brakes
  4. A Death Wish on a FIGURE-8 track!

More information at FBUC Blogspot.

Todd Barricklow’s FIgure-8 Racer

Video by clicktriangle


Video by clicktriangle

Whiskeydrunk Cycles — Whiskey Drome In Action

Video by Sassy Monkey Media

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